You Can’t Leave Figueres Before You Do This

by Jason

Figueres is a beautiful Catalan town, perfectly positioned between Barcelona, the French border and lively Costa Brava beaches.
As Figueres is my home town, we visit it a few times a year. If you ever have the pleasure to visit this little gem in Spain, here are four things you have to do before leaving Figueres.

1. Go on a ‘Tapas Bar Crawl’ around Figueres

Yes I said it! Swap the traditional pub crawl for a tapas bar crawl, as there are so many tasty tapas served at bars in Figueres, that you’ve absolutely got to try as many as you can!
Don’t worry if you still want some drinks, as tapas in Figueres are always best enjoyed with a cold beer or wine.
The great thing is that all bars have tapas on the menu (we are yet to find a Spanish bar without a tapas menu).
The other great thing is that some bars give you free tapas with your drink order. This could be olives, crisps or maybe even small portions of traditional meals.
There are more chances of getting free tapas with your drinks at smaller bars, usually on streets off the town centre.

However, you can always buy your own tapas, as prices range from 1-6 euros, depending on size.
Some portions are big enough to share!
Among our favorite places for a tapas bar crawl are Lizzaran, Dynamic, Konig and Les Voltes, all positioned in the town center.

2. Walk or Jog around Ferran Castle

Castle Ferran is a large military fortress gracefully located on a hill top in Figueres, just a few minutes’ walk from the town center.
Apart from being a public monument and a tourist attraction, Ferran Castle is also a hot spot for the locals.
The castle has a walking path around the entire surface, of about 3-4km. Locals are always there jogging, taking family strolls, walking their dogs or even enjoying some food in the fresh air, at the designated picnic tables.
There’s also plenty or space to sit down and enjoy panoramic views over Figueres and of course the Ferran Castle.

3. Visit Dali Museum

Salvador Dali is the heart and pride of Figueres. He was born in the Catalan town and also built there his museum, that currently is thought to be the 2nd most visited art museum in Spain.
Dali was a surrealist artist and his museum really takes you on a journey of strange and majestic creativity.
Feeling a little adventurous? Why not take a night tour, as the Museum usually opens at night in August.

4. People Watch or Take A Walk in La Rambla

La Rambla is the heart and soul of Figueres, and the town centre. The big park is where most festivities take place, the flea markets and live music. However, it’s also the busiest part of the town on a daily basis. The benches are always full of locals or tourists that just relax and ‘people watch’. It’s quite a beautiful experience, as you get to admire the culture and vibe of the Catalan culture. You will see family taking walks together, young people coming back from school or just hanging out, friends enjoying an ice cream together or just meeting up to go to one of the cafes around La Rambla. At night is quiet, and that’s when we like to take slow walks, and just admire the beauty of Figueres.

Next to La Rambla is also the famous Dali mirror monument, where his portrait on the floor is reflected on the mirror-like cylinder in front of it. You can enjoy taking pictures of that – as you can see I had my own fun with it 

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