Where To Buy An English Travel Adaptor In Palermo

by Jason

When we arrived in Palermo for our half a month of Italy living. We were thrilled to come here and after one day of packing we realized we forgot one of the most important things – the English travel adaptor. As you probably already know, we work and travel, so adaptors are very important to us, as it keeps our laptops working and our businesses running.

Where To Buy An English Travel Adaptor In Palermo

After freaking out for a bit, I searched the internet and things didn’t look too positive, some said I might have to go back to the airport. In the morning I woke up adventurous and took a morning jog to Via Rome, where I heard I might find adaptors, and I did!

So, Where Can You Find English Travel Adaptors? I Found 3 Options:

1. Rinascente SRL (a big department store on Via Roma)

2. Bazaar (Chinese shop, very common in Spain and Italy)

3. D-Mail (the shop I found on Via Roma)

Rinanscente SRL

So, here’s the story – the night I arrived in Palermo (last night) I quickly searched online and found out that Rinascente is a big department store on Via Roma and they might have the travel adaptors there. They did! They had a travel section on the 3rd floor, and a few adaptors. However, they were fancy adaptors with USB and multiple ports and the prices ranged between 25-40 euros. To me that was a bit too expensive. However, if you want a fancy adaptor with multiple ports it might be a worthy investment, plus the store looks trustworthy – looked like a Debenhams on Oxford Street, London. I have to give credit to the forum on Lonely Planet for finding this place.


On my way to the Rinascente I came across a Chinese bazaar, and I know them well as in Spain they are at every corner and you can find anything inside at amazing prices (though most of the times quality is as low as the price). They had an English to European travel adaptor for only 1 Euro. I would have bought it but I had to pay with card so I had to miss. I can’t say it would have worked well, but if I had coins on me I would have definitely tried it. I was coming from Via Dante when I found the bazaar, I didn’t record the address but I am certain you will find quite a few of them around Palermo.


By the time I found a cash machine to take money out I was already on Via Rome and in front of Rinascente. After seeing the high prices for an English travel adaptor I asked the lady for a cheaper version and she recommended D-Mail which was 50 meters up the road, exiting Rinascente and turning right. There I found a great adaptor for 9.90 Euros. It had 4 adaptors in one, including European, UK and US plugs and a USB. I bought it and it works like a charm.

In case you need to say it in Italian, a travel adaptor is called ‘adattatore da viaggio’. See photo for my receipt and the English adaptor box.

My recommendation? Go for D-Mail if you want high quality and a good price for your English adaptor, and for the bazaar if you are on a tight budget. If you know where to buy an English adaptor in Palermo, whether is where I bought it or somewhere else.

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