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What Are Some Fun Things to Do in Fort Worth, Texas?

by Jason

Although most people can’t separate Dallas and Fort Worth in their minds, this area has a lot going for it without having to leave city lines!  From the incredible zoo to the great museums and beautiful nature, it’s easy to fall in love with Fort Worth.

These are the top things to do when you’re in the area and why this city is a must-stop destination. 

Fort Worth Stockyards

Although stockyards aren’t usually a part of the property people head straight to, they’re an awesome historic district in Fort Worth!  North of the business district, this 100-acre area offers a chance to see modern and historic life blend together.

Home to a historic livestock market that operated from 1866 onward, it gives you a chance to get to know the south as it was and experience what living in the wild west might have been like!

Kimbell Art Museum

If you love art and natural beauty, you’ll find both on display at the Kimbell Art Museum!  This fantastic museum is surrounded by sweeping greenery and gorgeous open spaces that mingle with outstanding water features. 

Inside these Louis I. Khan-designed buildings, you’ll get to explore a large array of artworks.  Ranging from traveling art collections that make their way through the world to private pieces that have been a part of this museum’s collection since it was first started, you’ll always see something new when you visit!

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the city views and museums, so sometimes we all just need a chance to take things slow and enjoy the natural beauty around us.  At Fort Worth Botanic Garden you can take in more natural beauty than you’ll know what to do with!

From the breathtaking Japanese gardens to the intricately planned rose gardens and incredible historic flourishes- this is the oldest major botanic garden in Texas and continues to inspire gardeners from around the world.

Fort Worth Zoo

When you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side after hunting down apartments for rent in Fort Worth, it’s time to check out the local zoo!  The Fort Worth Zoo is home to over 7,000 native and exotic animals stretching over hundreds of species.  Not only does this zoo win top awards from companies like Family Life Magazine, but it’s also rated one of the best zoos in the south by popular publications like Southern Living.

This zoo is a great time for visitors of every age and helps you connect with the world beyond this fantastic city.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Art is what lifts our voices and gives us a chance to connect with others regardless of time and place: and there’s no place to find a better connection than the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth!  Stop in, and you’ll be wowed in no time!

This Area Can Keep You Entertained!

Whether you’re from Texas and want to check out the local cities or you’re new to the area and don’t know what to expect, there’s something for everyone in Fort Worth!  Consider stopping into some of these fantastic destinations!

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