Packing A Moving Truck

by Jason

When we moved from Washington State to Louisiana, we did the move ourselves.  We rented a 14 foot Penske truck, boxed most of our stuff and loaded the truck.  We recruited some of my husband’s buddies to help us.  One of them used to be a mover for a company.  Thank goodness, because we didn’t have a clue how to fit all our stuff in that truck.  We did get rid of some things we didn’t need or really didn’t want.  He showed us how to pack our stuff in the truck.  I really didn’t think that we were going to fit our stuff in it.  We learned to put the heavy stuff in first.  Dressers, appliances, couch, love seat, and anything else that was heavy. 

Don’t Try and Shove A Box

It’s important that that weight is at the front of the truck for traveling purposes and keeping your load balanced.  You will have a compartment that goes over the cab of the truck too.  Fill this with as many boxes as you can.  Remember, everything needs to fit like a puzzle.  Don’t try and shove a box that doesn’t fit in that space.  Use a smaller box.  Always put heavy boxes on the bottom.  This should be common sense, but some people get in a hurry and don’t care and just shove stuff in. 

Sometimes you will have to pull some boxes out and put another in cause they don’t fit right.  It’s a pain in the rear to do this, but in the end, it should all fit.  Use every nook and cranny and don’t waste any space.  We got almost everything in.  What we had left we put in the car that we were pulling behind the truck.  It was just small stuff.  When putting your couch and love seat in the truck, cover your couch with a blanket and then take the love seat and put it upside down on the couch.  It should fit like a jigsaw puzzle.  This adds a lot more space to put other things, especially big bulky items in the truck.  Trying to pack a truck is an art form.  It takes patience, ingenuity and a lot of help, but if done right you will be able to fit all your stuff and it will make it to your destination in one piece.

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