Winterizing Home

How to Winterize Your Toronto Home   

by Jason

Winter is the longest and most severe season when it comes to weather in Toronto. Not only do many people get caught off guard, but countless properties undergo avoidable damage because of the freeze.

If you want to avoid this trouble and aren’t afraid to put a little work in, it’s a good idea to stop and check off each of these items before winter hits.

1. Clear and Protect Your Roof

Your roof is going to be vastly important in trapping heat and protecting your home. If you don’t clear it and instead leave leaves and debris up there, this can damage your roof in the long run. Not only will this cause leaks and water to drip in, but it can also allow the heat to escape your home, which means heating it will become more expensive every year.

2. Cover Any External Pipes

Do you have any external pipes or spouts? If so, these are generally high-risk areas of your home. By leaving them uncovered, you risk letting them freeze or crack, which could lead to leaks and serious issues within the walls of your home. This can be an extremely expensive fix, so it’s vital that you stop and remember to pick up some inexpensive pip or tap covers. These are less than the cost of coffee and can save you thousands of dollars.

3. Gather Salt and Shovels Early

Salt and shovels are a necessity in any Toronto home, so if you wait until the last minute to get supplies, you could be out of luck. Many stores have to struggle to keep up with demand the moment the first snowflake falls. Gather these early, and keep them easily accessible. 

4. Check Windows and Doors

This step is one of the most important things you can do, and the good thing is you can do it any time of the year. A large issue with homes for sale in Toronto is how expensive the utilities are. Nobody wants to pay half the price of rent just to keep their home warm every winter.

Light a candle, or dangle a string, and walk near all of your doors and windows after closing them. If the string sways or the candle flickers: you have a draft. You can seal this leak, or you could replace the door or window causing it.

5. Prep Your Pantry!

How does your pantry look? Even if you’re not planning on staying home for large swaths of time, Toronto has had massive snow days where almost 20 inches of this white powder came down in one 24-hour period. This can make roads extremely unsafe and can make it difficult to even make it out of your driveway on foot.

Keep a collection of essentials like water, food, and medication in case of emergency! This will give you some wiggle room and safety if you get snowed in. 

Keep the Cold At Bay!

Whether this is your first winter in this beautiful city or you’ve lived here for years and just want to be safe, consider following some of these tips! Not only will they make a living through the freeze easier, but they’ll also ensure your house is protected.

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