Stop Fearing

6 Ways to Stop Fearing Flying & Start Loving It

by Jason

I used to be so scared of flying. And now I’m writing this from a 737 British airways place, flying over Paris. I am enjoying a coffee and a merlot and I want to share some great things with you.

That’s 6 Ways to Stop Fearing Flying:

1. Appreciate it

Flying is Beautiful

Odd one to start with, I know, as I am vary familiar with what flight fear feels like. But seriously, start by appreciating it. Flying is amazing! It’s an incredible experience.  Cruising at 11000 feet or more at crazy speeds of 500 miles per hour. You could never do that alone.

Flying is an incredible experience. Imagine some of our grandparents that never flew, never saw the world from birds’ eyes view, never flew through a cloud or pointed out stadiums when landing in the city.

Flying is incredible! That’s why pilots and stewards love it!

2. Flying is Safe

I won’t bore you with all the statistics but basically the stats show your like hood to crash fatally is approximately 1 in 10 000 – so one flight a day for 10 000 days !

3. Flying is the Best Monitored form of Transport

Ever seen those motorbikes speeding like crazy in between cars or a van on the motorway that’s moving side to side? Ever saw a drunk driver?

What about trains disrupted because of cables falling on top, or the or buses having to stop abruptly because someone is running across the street?

Well none of that ever happens with flying. There’s air space control, a plane that is capable to fly itself, 2 super trained pilots and support of air control all over the world!

Flying is safe.

4. Fear is Not Real

Just an illusion, a little prison created by the mind. Face, beat it, set yourself free!

5. You Love Flying

Gotta love the views when you are flying

Sounds odd again? Here’s my advice to you. Say to yourself daily, or as often as possible, that you love flying. Get excited about the flight.

6. Fly with a Company You Like

Flying British Airways From Vienna to London

This worked wonders for me, getting from A to B with Ryanair or Easy Jet is fine, but flying British Airways is an experience.

For all of you that fear flying, I understand you and there’s no way around it – face your fears and if you can love it! I hope I’ve inspired you and given you enough reasons to love flying, because it’s a truly an amazing experience.

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