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5 misconceptions about corporate team building activities

by Jason

Companies spend a lot of money to bring colleagues together, but often these programs can fail. It is important to assess the primary purpose of the team-building activity. It may be to improve communication between people or to increase collective work efficiency. We have collected 5 misconceptions that exist about team building.

  • Team building is about having fun

It’s worth separating the workplace atmosphere from having fun with friends and team building is no exception. Colleagues at work are there to work as a team. Indeed, you work more effectively in a good atmosphere, but team building is not just about having fun. Although, what will bring a whole team together is traveling and real Team Building Activities in Stockholm. The most important goal of team building activities is to make your working days run more smoothly together.

  • Drinking together is a good team-building

Drinking together as colleagues is more of a recreation together but not a team builder. It is primarily a team-building activity where you have to think together and solve problems jointly. Drinking together is not a great challenge, and communication is not improved besides it is detrimental to health.

  • Team building solves everyday problems

Many companies see team building as a key to solving problems, as it’s cheaper than constantly training employees. Improving organizational culture is achieved through team-building programs, with more or less success. Of course, complete problem-solving or major change will not come from a single team-building event.

  • Everyone participates in team-building

For programs involving drinking or extreme sports, not everyone may be enthusiastic. Not everyone is necessarily a fan of team-building activities, so it is advisable to carry out a survey beforehand. It will quickly become clear what kind of experience everyone would like to have, which will also boost team spirit. Team-building events make sense if as many people as possible take part.

  • Trainers make better team-buildings

Corporate team-builders are becoming increasingly popular, and trainers are keen to help with program ideas. It is undeniable that there are excellent trainers on the market, but it is not cheap to bring in a specialist. There are cases where internal surveys can help the team choose an excellent program where everyone feels comfortable.

Team building tip: escape room

When choosing a team-building program, it is worth choosing a truly constructive pastime. Since we work in an office all day, it’s okay to take part in a more active program. Speaking of team-building, it’s worth choosing one where team play is the dominant theme, and communication and creativity are also important. Just like in the case of escape room games.

Get the brain working

In the workplace, tasks often become routine, so it doesn’t hurt to give employees new challenges. The escape room is a real adventure, where participants have to solve different puzzles together. You may find yourself in a completely new situation where good communication and logical thinking are essential. It’s both exciting and active while keeping your brain stimulated. Specifically designed for team-building, exit games are an unforgettable experience and journey instead of the usual team-building activities.

Let the game begin!

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