Explore the Titanic one hundred years later. Now open at the Mystic Aquarium.

One hundred years later, people are still fascinated by the HMS Titanic and its doomed journey across the Atlantic. I confess I am one who is thrilled that the Mystic Aquarium has opened its newest exhibit.

On April 15, 1912 the luxurious ship’s maiden voyage ended abruptly taking with it the lives and memories of a bygone era.  Titanic–12,450 Feet Below at Mystic Aquarium explores and celebrates the Titanic without actually disturbing what many refer to as its sacred resting site on the ocean floor.

Created by Dr. Robert Ballard, the famed oceanographer and explorer who led the team that discovered the sunken ship, and Tim Delaney,  a former Walt Disney designer, the exhibit is meant to not only tell the story of the ship and its passengers, but to engage the public in the exploration and discovery process too.

Here you can experience the journey from day one–the ship’s construction, its passage through the iceberg-laden sea, the collision and its aftermath. Then be a virtual part of the team who discovered her and brought her story to the surface. The exhibit includes eerie casts of artifacts found at the site as well as interactive components both children and adults will appreciate; the  HD film in the Discovery Theater is a must.

Look also for the special gallery delving into the lives of the incredible passengers, both the ones who perished and the ones who survived–each life a story within itself.

The exhibit contains a number of digital elements, like iceberg encounter kiosks, an interactive video footage wall and a graphic representation of the ship sinking. What you see here is sure to stay with you for a long time, and should not be missed.

Photos courtesty of Khoi Ton.

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